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If you haven’t heard of the brand Bode, some menswear enthusiasts will likely ask you if you’ve been hiding under a rock. Me? I would just be happy to fill you in. Of course – I’m familiar with the brand, but trust me, there was enough homework left for me to do to know the A-Z. Let’s have a look at Bode first.

Bode, at a glance

Founded in 2016 by Emily Adams Bode Aujla in New York, Bode is now widely known for their exclusive, out of antique fabrics-handcrafted apparel. One word: craftsmanship. Each of Bode’s garments is tailor-made in New York, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail for their wearer. And with success, as the brand has been widely recognized and awarded since its establishment.

What do I love about Bode? Mostly the classic and straight silhouettes, which form a perfect counterpart to the distinctive soft color palettes, deeply detailed techniques, and blanket-like and delicate materials. These all come with a dignified price tag. 

This brings me back to the intention of this article: if your pockets don’t reach deep enough for a closet full of Bode – I’ve got you. While you will never be able to find a substitute for the young label (it’s that unique), these alternatives are perfect for getting the sought-after Bode aesthetic for less. 

STORY mfg.

The UK-born brand STORY mfg. (Story Manufacturing) came to life out of a desire for fashion with a conscious and authentic approach without compromises. While the brand launched in 2013, it truly took off in 2014 after moving the production of their garments to India, where founders Bobbin and Katy Katazome work together with a team of local artisans – think weavers, tailors, and embroiders. 

STORY mfg. is known for its unique garments; it celebrates craftsmanship and stands for kindness to animals, ourselves, others, and the environment.

What’s cool: as if STORY mfg isn’t cool and conscious already – the label ensures all fabrics and dyes are non-toxic and kind to our skin.


The young and upcoming brand SANJE was founded in 2017 in Indonesia. While residing most of the year in Bali, I’ve encountered SANJE more than once. The brand’s collections are recognizable by their predominantly unisex silhouettes, generally produced from soft and airy linen on which colorful embroidery details stand out. Ideal for the tropical temperatures of southeast Asia. For now, the brand mainly stocks its garments across Indonesia, but ordering from outside the country isn’t impossible.

What’s cool: the unisex silhouettes and the price point.


Although the label Harago, founded by Harsh Agarwal, has only been around since 2019, that doesn’t mean it has gone unnoticed – you’ve probably seen celebrities like Harry Styles dressed in the popular silhouette of Harago drawstring shorts. Known for its beautiful “genderless uniforms,” which feature rich embroidery, the India-based label has become a real hit in recent years, especially since retail giant Matchesfashion placed a bulk order of Harago goods in 2020. 

What’s cool: Agarwal’s heart for conscious and ethical production. In 2021, he told Vogue India, “I talked to many artisans, and I realized one quick truth – we can never achieve 100 percent sustainability in fashion. […] So I formed my own definition and decided that I would not call my label a sustainable fashion label… It is a label based on craftsmanship, and we breathe new life into centuries-old craft techniques and create more jobs as a positive side effect.”

BaeMa T Boa

Since discovering the French brand BaeMa T Boa literally yesterday (about three days after posting my ‘Affordable Alternatives to Bode’ reel on Instagram), I couldn’t resist including the French-owned label. And with its upcoming new release of items next September, you’re just in time. Founded by Marion Duquesne and Bastien Cesar, BaeMa T Boa is based between Brittany and Paris. The collections consist of handcrafted garments in which the founders’ graphic design, drawing, and fashion design backgrounds are more than obvious. 

The main sources of inspiration for Duqesne and Cesar are seaside shores, workwear silhouettes, and wildlife, that come to life on natural, undyed, and upcycled garments (think vintage materials, tents, etc.). This crisp look is something you’ll feel and see throughout each collection.

What’s cool: every BaeMa T Boa garment is made by hand, designed, cut, and sewn in the founders’ Paris atelier. 

Perte D’ego

It’s 2018 in New Delhi, India: Perte D’ego, a luxury menswear brand, was born. At that time, founder Utkarsh Mithas studied finance at the University of Maryland. Given his passion for creating art, a fashion label was inevitable. Mithas launched Perte D’ego with two core beliefs: to create unique garments ethically and sustainably, to celebrate traditional techniques, and to ensure that these are given a lasting place in the fashion world.

“We believe what makes a product a true luxury is the combination of the resources and hard work that goes into making each piece by hand and ensuring that those “hands” can feed their families and live a healthy and happy life.” 

What’s cool: Instead of outsourcing its production, Perte D’ego created its own studio where Mithas hires artisans on permanent contracts, earning a fair wage. Each garment is produced in small batches to ensure minimal waste.


KPC was founded by Kelsey Peyton Crane just under three years ago. Peyton Crane is a bespoke tailor with over 14 years of experience in the fashion industry – both men’s and women’s. Fittingly in line with the brands I discussed earlier, KPC also has sustainability, ethical production, and uniqueness at its core. The young label uses and repurposes imperfect textiles from the late 1800s, making each piece unlike any other. 

What’s cool: the founder’s inspiration for the launch of KPC. On the website, Peyton Crane states how her father would go on surf trips in Central America, bringing back textiles to make them into garments and wearing them while dating her mother. Romance gets you far, men!


As much as I’m not into favorite-ing, I secretly am at the same time. One of my favorites on this list is, without a doubt, the brand Indian brand KARDO. Apparently, great magic happens in New Delhi, as in 2013, Londoner Rikki Kher launched the brand after moving there in 2004. Kher earned his stripes in the fashion industry, leading a buying and sourcing company. 

To counter fast fashion, KARDO was born: a menswear label focusing on traditional workwear and tailoring, with a subtle twist on classic silhouettes. Paying homage to traditional Indian crafts, the label uses specific fabrics such as IKAT, Shibori, and naturally dyed handloom.

What’s cool: KARDO’s ‘ONExONE’-concept of manufacturing: each garment is made from start to finish by one single tailor.

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