Trust Me; Your Wardrobe Needs an Overshirt.

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With the fall season slowly creeping in, the need for heavier fabrics and clothing items to layer in your closet increases. Yes, gentlemen: layer season is coming. Fall is one of those seasons that are so versatile in clothing that when you do it well, you can stretch out your summer wardrobe, blend it with your winter wardrobe, and add some seasonal essentials – et voilà, un look.

Speaking of essentials: meet the overshirt. Flexible to wear year-round: it’s the perfect thing for transitional weather. Let us break down why you need this item.

What in the world is an overshirt?

Overshirts have been around for quite a bit. Deriving from 20th-century workwear (worker jackets), the name speaks for itself. It’s a shirt to wear over something, or according to Merriam-Webster: “a shirt worn over another shirt without being tucked in.” 

Your typical overshirt has a collar and is made of a heavier fabric than a button-up. That’s the only given, as overshirts come in various styles. They are constructed with different features and materials, so hem length and the number of (chest) pockets can vary from one garment to the other.

Olympic layering

Layering your clothing has numerous benefits. For starters, it looks like you know what you’re talking about. Second: it keeps you warm. Third: layers add depth, texture, and variety and can compliment your body type. Let’s say you’re tall and narrow(er) built: layering your clothing with different textures and fabrics can make you look a bit broader. Are you a bit heavier in the stomach area? Wearing a printed shirt or t-shirt combined with an overshirt can do great things for your posture: it creates a slimmer posture from the side.

Why do I need an overshirt?

A good men’s overshirt is a closet staple. It’s that one thing you didn’t know you needed, but when you have it, outfit problems seem to melt away like snow before the sun. This versatile item is ideal for Sunday strolls through the city, meeting the in-laws, or layering when you’re out for dinner on a chilly summer night. It looks great with any type of top – think t-shirts, polo shirts, button-ups, knitwear, and yes – even with sweaters and hoodies.


Ok – I think we’re clear that overshirts scream versatility. The wide range of styles they are available in is simply endless. That’s why they should be incorporated into the modern capsule wardrobe for men, listed under the category of light jackets and cardigans. Looking for an extra layer in summer? Go for a linen overshirt. Fall, looking sleek? Opt for suède. In-between seasons, casual and streetwear-like? Choose an overshirt in a sturdier fabric, like hemp, and double-layered cotton in a boxy fit. Well, you get the point.

The best overshirts on the market

We wouldn’t be us without pointing you in the right direction. So, here you go. Our five favorite versatile overshirts for men.

Eton Two-Face Twill Overshirt in navy

This uber-stylish, sleek overshirt is your go-to when your wardrobe has an overall business-casual style. This relaxed overshirt with two-face fabric is made from organically produced cotton.

Forét Overshirt in Cloud

Organic cotton, twill, front pockets: all you need in a good overshirt. This one by Forét is trend-proof, layer-proof, and season-proof.

Ralph Lauren Suede Overshirt

Classic, high-quality, and the perfect fit: that’s what Ralph Lauren will bring you. And oh, how we love suede. Do we really need to explain ourselves further?

The GoodPeople Wool Blend overshirt

Ideal for fall and winter, this overshirt has a warm feel to it. Ideally matched with plain tops due to the checkered print – this one’s a winner.

ARKET Corduroy Overshirt

“Crafted from a cotton corduroy fabric, this overshirt has a soft and velvety surface”. We love corduroy. Call it an endless love affair.

Look your best in a stylish overshirt, and dress like the man you feel to be on the inside.

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Start dressing better today.

Get my FREE E-guide: Define your Personal Style 101 to create a stable base for your ideal wardrobe.