Move over, Johnny Bravo – This is How to Dress as a Muscled Guy

how to dress as a muscled guy

You love a good workout, and what you see in the mirror lately probably even more. When the results of your daily 6:00 AM gym sessions start paying off, it’s likely that next to a lot more things getting easier, some might get more challenging, too. Such as finding clothes that fit you to perfection. 

Initially, weightlifting usually begins with the goal of looking good with minimal or no clothes on at all. But let’s face it. Work has to be done. Dinners have to be eaten. Clients have to be met. And as far as we have quite some freedom, being naked always is probably not the best idea.

Achieving the best fit in your daily casual and formal clothes without coming across as the guy who always shows off a bit too much takes some thinking. Still, it’s easier than you think. Mostly, when your business revolves around serious things, you probably want your image to match this. That’s why I’m here. Especially for the muscular guy: this is how to dress your best from desk to dinner.

You’re unlike most men, so your clothes should be too

This means that you’re probably extremely lucky when off-the-rack clothing fits you like a glove and doesn’t need any alterations. I’ll get right to the point: it is best to join forces with your local tailor immediately. Especially when you’ve put in the most work on the shoulder and chest area – chances are, if your tops fit well there, the waist is way too wide.

Sadly, many men take this for granted, which can result in 1. them wearing a much too small size – too tight throughout, or 2. wearing a good fit around the shoulders but with a parachute fit around the midsection. I believe you should never have to compromise on wearing clothes you like and choosing a not-anything-near-perfect fit. 

This is how to achieve your best fit

The best approach is to size up to ensure your tops fit well around the shoulder and chest and have your tailor alter the body from there. This doesn’t only go up for formalwear; it also allows you to fully personalize the fits of your casual clothes and is, above all, very beneficial when we’re talking trousers and shorts for the guys who don’t skip leg day.

It might sound like extra effort, but when you’re used to someone taking care of what clothes to get, you can probably get used to someone altering them to perfection: it’s only getting easier and more manageable. Dropping your freshly delivered items straight around the corner at the tailor’s is done in minutes and will be an easy, new habit to form. 

While it may come with an added cost, realizing that most garments won’t be a perfect fit provides a better understanding of what works best for your physique and how to accomplish your ideal look.

If you’ve got it, simply flaunt it

Showing off your ripped body a bit too much while meeting your coachees, closing an important business deal, or recording a podcast is not very necessary or professional (unless you work in the fitness industry, perhaps). Lucky may not be the right word choice as you’ve put in the hard work, but you are lucky with your athletic body type, despite the feelings you might have after reading the previous paragraphs.

Because when you do wear that perfectly tailored look, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks. It’s all about finding your ideal comfort zone between showing your physique and concealing it unnecessarily too much. Let’s face it – you didn’t go through all that trouble to hide your body, did you? I thought so.

Broad-chested, big biceps or bulky thighs

Broad-chested guys will look great in a fitted tank top and a looser-fitting shirt. You could also easily opt for a slightly fitted tee with an overshirt when temperatures allow. The absolute winner for men with both chest and shoulders? Try a knit polo shirt or T-shirt. You, of all body types, will probably look best in this popular menswear item. The drape of it is incredibly flattering, and the stretchy material hugs your muscles just in the right places.

Some celebrities who have mastered this look (with a little help from their stylist) are Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Dornan, The Rock, and Chris Evans. And Jason Statham (in a suit). What you see are form-fitting items. They avoid wearing anything in a skinny fit at all times. Suits are tailored to perfection, biceps are shown off subtly, and trousers neatly fit the thigh area (and they look comfortable). 

With the rising popularity of a healthy lifestyle, the fashion industry caters more and more to men like you. Denim jeans now come in athletic fits, an extra percent or two of stretch, and in a wide array of fits to choose from.

Go light on layering

Wearing different layers can immediately elevate a look. But as an already bulky guy, you might want to avoid adding too much extra bulk. On the occasion you do wish to play around with multiple tops layered, my advice is to do it lightly. The easiest way to achieve this is to choose lighter materials, such as cotton jersey, silk, thin merino knit, or linen, for example.

Need help to look and feel your best?

If you are an online entrepreneur wanting to elevate your look to level it with your career – I’m here to help. Book in for a 1:1, non-binding Style Consultation, and let’s get you to look and feel your best, no matter your body type.

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